Our Program

While it’s easy to get lost in the sparkle, glitter and extravaganza of the lights and festive mood of the Diwali, fundamentally, one of the core characteristics that set apart Diwali and Hindu festivals is to serve and feed the poor and needy during the festival time.
It’s important that we inculcate this very humane trait in our next generations during the festival season and channelize our energies, resources for the benefit of people who need the most in the form of ‘Food’ and create a sense of shared community development by encouraging kids to organize and participate in “Food donation camps“ across the United states of America for the poor and needy.
Let’s pass on the tradition and cultural fabric of our festivals through our kids and spread the warmth and happiness to the country which has opened its arms to embrace religious diversity.
Come together for this “Inclusive Diwali 2021” and let our kids kill the hunger for a day and LIGHT the lives of poor across the nation to celebrate the spirit of Diwali and shared joy!