2023 Youth Volunteer Lead


Niveditha Mallojhala

Junior, Montgomery High School (MHS)

About myself:

I am, Niveditha Mallojhala, sixteen years old live with my parents in Montgomery, New Jersey. I have finished Sophomore year in Montgomery High School (MHS) and will be a rising Junior this year 2023, Apart from academic study, I’ve been learning classical music for fourteen years now, and I give a few performances around the year. I have been volunteering in food drives for the past three years and I am very happy to contribute and be apart of a great cause that focuses on providing for the need. In my free time, I like to read, watch television, and definitely enjoy spending time with friends and family.
For the year 2023 Diwali Food Drive, I am helping local students in need, all donations go to buying nonperishable food. Please click here to donate.

About Diwali Food Drive Inc:

Diwali Food Drive is a nonprofit organization helping local people in need for last 10 years through Chester County Food bank, KACS, PACS, West Chester Food bank, CWWS, Lords Pantry and Honey Brook Food Pantry.

For Social:

Thank you,
Niveditha Mallojhala