2021 Youth Volunteer Lead

Arin Nakirikanti

Arin Nakirikanti

Sophomore, Downingtown High School Chester Spring, PA

About myself:

I started volunteering for Diwali Food Drive since I was 5 years old and I am excited to announce that I am a proud youth lead volunteer for 10th Annual Diwali Food drive and ready to take this to next level. This year I am helping local students in need in PA through Diwali Food Drive and helping my friends in other states to do the same.
For the year 2021 Diwali Food Drive I am helping local students in need, all donations go for buying nonperishable food. Please click here to donate.

About Diwali Food Drive Inc:

Diwali Food Drive is a nonprofit organization helping local people in need for last 10 years through Chester County Food bank, KACS, PACS, West Chester Food bank, CWWS, Lords Pantry and Honey Brook Food Pantry.

For Social:

Thank you,
Arin Nakirikanti